About Us

Welcome we are the Mississippi Reproductive Freedom Fund!

We’re a dedicated group of Mississippians who believe that access to full reproductive health care that includes abortion is a human right and an essential part of reproductive justice. We recognize and affirm that the right to parent, not to parent, have access to full reproductive health care and education and to raise children in safe environments with full support and your needs met are ALLĀ basic human rights.

We do our part by offering financial assistance and practical support to persons seeking abortion as well as emergency contraception, community based comprehensive sex education and fighting for reproductive justice in Mississippi. We strive for a world where every person experiences full reproductive justice.

If you would like to help us continue and expand the work we are doing please click the link.


If you would like to donate by check please contact us through email mississippireprofreedomfund@gmail.com.

If you are looking for assistance please click HERE


6 thoughts on “About Us

  1. HelloI’m 8 weeks pregnant. I’m also a disable combat veteran that suffer from PTSD. I have stop taking my meds upon finding out about my situation. I did take the morning after pill and it failed. I’m currently saving up for and abortion. Does you program only cover Mississippi residents. I live in Alabama.


    • Sorry about your situation. We can assist those outside MS lf they get their procedure in MS. We are currently out of funding try calling the National Abortion Federation 800 772 9100. They tend to be busy so keep trying. Also look up the Alabama Reproductive Rights Advocates they also have a fund.


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