About Us

Welcome we are the Mississippi Reproductive Freedom Fund!

We’re a dedicated group of Mississippians who believe in access to full reproductive health care that includes abortion as a human right and an essential part of reproductive justice. We recognize and affirm that the right to parent, not to parent, have access to full reproductive health care and education and to raise children in safe environments with full support and your needs met are ALL basic human rights.

We do our part by offering financial assistance and practical support to persons seeking abortion as well as free emergency contraception, community based comprehensive sex education and fighting for reproductive justice in Mississippi. We strive for a world where every person experiences full reproductive justice.

In 2017 we purchased a property in Jackson, MS we lovingly refer to as “the fundshack”. Since then we have slowly been renovating it as funding has allowed.
In 2018, we added our diaper closet as a full time service of our organization. The need far outpaces the our capacity. Yet we are proud to serve the handful of families we are able to on a monthly basis as well as provide diapers to select community partners.
In 2019, we are proud to add period supplies in addition to our diaper closet.
We’re excited to be partnering with the Homeless Period Project to donate a minimum of 1000 tampons and 1000 pads per year to their program. Helping them double their impact in Jackson.
We’ve added our Little Free Library and Little Free Pantry on the fundshack property and they are wildly popular. Frequently needing to be refilled and also leading to great conversations with our neighbors.
We are proud of the programing we’re doing and look forward to the years ahead.

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If you would like to donate by check or money order please email us for the proper mailing address mississippireprofreedomfund@gmail.com.

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