Seeking Abortion Funding?

Our abortion funding and practical support services are available to any person getting care at Jackson Women’s Health Organization in Jackson, MS. Mississippi’s only abortion clinic as well as any person in need who resides in Mississippi regardless of what clinic they get services at. Meaning if you live in Mississippi but for whatever reason seek services out of state we will still assist you if at all possible.

Call us if you are seeking abortion care and in need of financial assistance, help with appointment & trip planning, transportation, child care or other assistance to help you get to your appointment. You can contact us at (769) 218-9413. We offer abortion doula support before, during and after your procedure. We will help in any way we can including referrals for other services and assistance with pregnancy options if you choose to continue your pregnancy. We believe only you know the right options for you and we support you in making those decisions.

To contact us for a media request, regarding volunteering or other business please email us at


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