Help Us Make Happy Holidays Happen

UPDATE: I have added a family of 3 at the bottom and have marked items purchased in BLUE and items still needed in RED. Thank you all so much for your support and help HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! 

Happy Holidays everyone!

2017 has been one heck of a year. I know we at the Mississippi Reproductive Freedom Fund have been hard at work like never before as we keep growing. This is the first year we have had someone reach out to us and ask for holiday assistance for their kids (I insisted they include what the adults want/need everyone should have gifts). One family soon became two and if we could help more this year we would. In order to help these families we need you.
Below you will find info about the families we’re supporting along with links specific for donating to this campaign. We’ve also created an Amazon wishlist for those who want to shop online.
We are also trying to set up our free food box on the fund shack grounds by next week. In time for people who may need anything in it over the holidays when many non-profits are closed will be able to get it.
If you would like information on how to help us in general go here
If you would like to just make a cash donation go HERE
Family of 9 
Grandma- needs a pair of New Balance shoes size 10 and/or would like a new purse

Mom- needs/wants new phone. Carrier is Straight Talk (at Walmart) likes bath and body works type stuff. She says she doesn’t care she just wants to make sure her kids have Christmas. Of course she says this because she’s a mom we would like her to have a gift too.

Boy Age 8Likes Pokemon Size 14/16

Boy Age 7Likes Sports and is a big Steelers fan Size 10/12

Boy Age 6- Transformers and cars Size 6/7

Girl Age 5- Likes Dolls (black dolls) and doll accessories Size 5t

Boy Age 3-Would like a train set and a robot Size 4t

Twin girls Age 1- baby dolls age & age appropriate toys. Size 12 months need clothes and size 4 diapers and sensitive skin wipes.

Family of 5-

Dad & Mom-Just want a good holiday for the kids. They are struggling with unemployment and could use a microwave (secured). Some gift cards for a night out together would be great too.

Boy- Age 18 Queen size headboard

Boy- Age 15 Assassins Creed Origins for XBox One
Size 28/30 pants Small shirts

Boy- Age 13 Folding Shovel Multi-tool see link
Size 28/30 pants small shirts

Boy- Age 7 Nintendo DS2
Size 8 in boys

Family of 3

Mom- Of course mom said she doesn’t want anything but I did pull out of her she likes bath and body sets stuff like that.
Girl- Age 8 wants a tablet
Boy-Age 5 Lego play set

No clothing needs

Each family would openly receive your gently used clothes. I’ve also put some books on the Amazon list as well.
We are also collecting donations of non perishable food items, personal hygiene and household cleaning items for our free food box if you have donations please email us

They could also use donations to buy undergarments. We would like to raise $300 to get groceries and household supplies for each family. There are some supplies listed in the Amazon wishlist.

Thank you so much supporters without you we couldn’t do our work!

The MRFF Team